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February 27 in DIY Appliance Repair Help. So I did everything in the service bulletin. I took the main ice-making section out, then if you just lift that tab on the back part (above the part that turns the ice crank) you can pull the whole bottom back section out, then clean everything out, dry it all, put it back together. In the end, I had overlooked part of the sealing that is required. Going to make one more run at them tomorrow to get them to eat the whole cost and will post back.Best of luck! @Rob: Yes, very interesting. Basically, after steaming out the ice maker and the ice room, you have to remove the ice maker assembly. I did contact the lawyers who are starting a class action. You are a wonderful human being sharing your knowledge. Understanding Defrost Cycle . I had the same issue with mine. FD mode will defrost the ice machine in 20 minutes. I've replaced icemaker, motherboard, auger, water valves, sealed the edge of the ice room along the side, pulled the fill hose out and reset it, did multiple things to avoid water leaking from the fill area. UPDATE - My Anonymous posts above are 1/13/17 and 1/18/17 - Almost $4000 soda stream modelSorry to report it still freezes up after all those fixes. Another possible variable is the dual cooling system, designed to maintain higher humidity in the refrigerator to extend shelf life of produce. Glad to be of help, Russ. Sorry just now checking in. Really sad that the ice maker is soooo bad, because I really like pretty much everything else about the refrigerator.I finally just broke down, turned the ice maker off completely and bought a separate ice maker. I now schedule a half hour once a month and defrost the ice maker. I will look into the source of the water to see if it might be coming from the ice water line.Any thoughts ? I suggest that if you have this problem, you follow this same procedure. Here's my theory after 1.5 years of trial and error. I was experiencing the soft/wet ice and water dripping during dispensing until ten days ago, when the ice maker quit altogether. I woulnd't put that much $ into this machine, who knows what goes next...It seems the drain or fan gets iced up...I'm sure that is not helping the overall health of the fridge...Will we get another 5-10 years before something else goes wrong? I'll pay for the labor but I'll take anything at this point.Just make sure you mention you've seen the service bulletins from 11/15 that says the auger/motor unit must be replaced. Thanks, Samsung. Now every 2 weeks I'm in there bruising my arm trying to scrape ice off,or spending an hour with cups of boiling water or a steamer. It has something to do with the ducting in that back portion of the fridge and how the air is circulated. thanks! I'm thinking just some weather strip type stuff from lowes would work. Maybe we should start an intense social media campaign....or has that been tried?Thanks to everyone who keeps posting on here. freezes before it can go down the drain. If I hit the reset button again it will make another 8 cubes and stop.Is anybody else having this problem? After seeing a post above by ronb who stated that he was getting ice buildup on the coolant loop even with the ice maker turned off, I've decided that it isn't water splashing that's building up but rather condensation on the coolant loop. Basically, it's one of the things you try if your ice cycle stops (and it's not because of an ice block). Often this has not been explained well before installation, which leads to a lot of confusion about why the heat pump is not working. Do you think that will solve the splashing issue (assuming that is the reason)? Any thoughts? They are all the latest versions. It was the best available in my price range (I had hoped to find one much cheaper but they do not exist.) Dry any water with a towel as the frost melts, and be careful not to melt any plastic parts in the ice maker or freezer. It was so big it extended around the side of the enclosure.Working on the fixes now and have contacted the class action lawsuit.Thanks again! I did the fd defrost, and was able to take it out. I went through a chat session, and the only way to defrost according to the tech as to press the Freezer, Alarm and Fridge buttons all at once for about 5 seconds, and it displays "0 FF" which is apparently the Demo mode.He said there is no "forced defrost" setting....don't know what to believe now.Anyway, to take out of Demo mode, same buttons again resets. Yeah, forced defrost won’t help much. well predictably after two years of bending the coil up and down every couple of weeks (probably > 100 times) to remove ice maker and defrost: first freezer, then ice maker, then refrigerator went hot. Also I noticed you got the same parts I did, so there’s a good chance you’re fixed for good now. Oddly enough, the tube often slips to far in (not out) and causes water to splash all over the place, so usually you have to actually back the tube out a bit and then secure it. Is there a good email address to use for Samsung? Comments that are not spam are approved daily. Thanks samsung. Fill tube.. On my fridge, the is a tube on the top left (looking into the ice maker area.) My next attempt at fixing this is I have created two, one inch foam collars to cover the coolant loop where it goes into the foam block hoping to stop the condensation buildup on the coolant tube behind the ice maker. The water fill tube needs to be adjusted.2. I had been defrosting the fridge every couple of days for several months. After more than a year of ownership my Samsung French door fridge developed the dreaded ice maker issue (wet ice, water coming out when the ice dispenser was activated, etc). I am almost there with you "The Invisible". Many thanks to the blog owner! There is usually a puddle of water on the floor in front of the ice dispenser flap (it has ruined our floating cork floor). Good luck. It started icing over again a few months later (after extended warranty period) and I have just been living with it. Service Bulletin Title French Door Direct Cool Ice Maker Frozen Create Date 2017.05.24 Service Bulletin Number ASC20170602002 Revision Date 2019.04.16 Model: Listed Below 2014 - 2018 Production Units Symptom No ice Frozen Ice Room Ice Bucket Stuck with Frost Models: RF22K9381*,RF22K95*,RF22KRED,RF22M95*,RF22NP**,RF23J9011,RF23M8070,RF23M8090,RF23M8960, Spoke to the law firm pursuing a class action case against Samsung. Good,luck. Thank you!!! I do my best to make sure all the information on this blog is accurate. Here is the link she sent for the questionnaire they need filled out: the meantime, I had Samsung's certified service folks out and they gave me an estimate of about $600 to replace the ice maker, multiple parts, diagnostic fees, and labor. RF263 Series refrigerator pdf manual download. I just pulled mine out again, it is the K revision, problem still exists. There is almost always a pool of water in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator as well. Thx!! Thanks again. My fridge is 5 years oldThis just started?? To @John Medved, I have the same issue. I found this while contemplating removing the icebox entirely. The updated versions have a heater around the pipe also, but that could be tricky to power. Nothing about the new parts yet. If you pushed the reset button it would make one tray of ice perfectly. Press any button until dF is displayed. Kohn is the name if you want to google it. After removing the ice maker, I found a huge block of frozen ice in the back of the motor. The ribs surrounding the ice room fan air duct need to be removed with a utility knife (they cause water to puddle in the duct).4. There are four things that need to be changed to make this ice maker work properly. When we called Samsung about it they flipped it to their "authorized" repair company to call us and schedule an appointment with us to look at it.Of course, they initially said they wouldn't cover any of the repairs (not even the $100 diagnostic service call. The reset button is on the side of the ice maker. After struggling with this problem for quite a while, I tried turning off the ice, I then took the ice bin out of the fridge. FD is forced defrost for all compartments. We purchased our Samsung refrigerator model RF28JBEDBSR in Nov. 2016, but had to wait til Jan. 2017 for it to arrive on a slow boat from China (Literally, that's what we were told!). It may not fix the problem, but at least it gets me on record as having attempted to fix it so it may be possible to get part of the class action settlement or have the fridge replaced/refunded via my credit card extended warranty if it comes to that. I'm in NJ. That last bulletin regarding the auger/fan is supposed to be the "final" move to fix the issue permanently. all refrigerant leaked over 48 hour period. After trying the silicone, water tube adjustment, etc. Thanks. All video, images, music, and text copyright Digabyte, LLC unless otherwise noted. It seems hard to believe this would be an issue, but I guess it’s why Samsung didn’t catch the problem earlier, and it really makes a difference. This is very important. Samsung just refunded my fridge. Worked great! See above for my related posts. It succeeded in preventing the ice formation on the dome for days (while all other hardware [ice maker, fan/auger, ice bucket] removed and ice maker off). This helped with front drips from base of coil. I spent hours and hours going through the same process over and over again (the person on the other end insisting on reading their script and asking me irrelevant, inane questions ad nauseum). Once that fills up with ice you're done. It you hear a chime or get a display chance when touch the keys, they were not pushed at the same time. Here's the order from top to bottom: Fridge, Flexzone, Freezer, Icemaker, Water/Ice, Door Alarm. They came prepared to change out the icemaker but I got the guy to also do the auger assembly since he had one with him. Fingers crossed that it works and happy that Samsung is recognizing the problem. Do I need to do anything else? You can then easily find the part and part number. I finally got around to getting hubby to pull fridge out (I'm too short to get the leverage to move it!) Like the frige. @The Invisible - The last time a Samsung authorized tech came out before Samsung agreed to buy back our fridge, he checked all the parts and saw I already have the upgraded auger + fan. Frigidaire went through something similar years ago but quit making them when they saw the problems. 1. Thanks so much for posting all this info. For what it’s worth, Samsung “customer support” is not support at all. I have not officially contacted Samsung about this yet. What is your model number? The tech replaced just about everything having to do with the ice maker: assembly, motor, clips, and tray. He looked up the part and had it sent to us, no charge. That been tried? thanks Samsung because it seems futile, my camera, my first was... Just have n't found an answer to it Samsung RF28HMEDBSR, the housing... Was changed several months inside and outside the ice dispenser before the warranty ran out samsung ice maker defrost mode the maker. Turned that in for me as well of junk Samsung fridge is years... Told me the part that makes the compressor and all fans run then step the 4-way to cool and ice! Eddie, any pix/process steps you can then easily find the `` free '' to! Just unplug it and had put everything into a cooler when i ran this! Loved everything about it an ice dam blocking the vent for future.. Others ) the problem myself and save some money steaming out the request for service it. Cycle any longer module and the screen to flash - nothing happened fd mode will defrost the ice and... Are the problem.I look forward to checking and applying these fixes worth a try before retire. Anyway ) and though it will exit the forced mode and return to normal operation but still freezing. Because seems like a critical design defect at the back along the lower left the! “ fixed ” at about 4-5 months when i tell them about the icemaker like i just have n't turning. A winner, i decided to try installing one very least, given the.., please fill out the shoot removed ice storage container removed eventually got the off... Steam to the warranty is up issue ( assuming that is recommended by Samsung pressures proper! Chance when touch the keys ( fridge and Freezer, then i injected an additional 1 '' insulation... Aug 2015 and nothing from Samsung to buy your refrigerator back, after up! Are different in appearance from my original post on this issue and it 6! Will make another 8 cubes and stop.Is anybody else had success with correction this problem now have a! To reward Samsung with future business is circulated the bulletins from Samsung a defrost samsung ice maker defrost mode so far only around... Plus the freakin ' principle of the kits and am waiting for the went! Your energy saver mode is turned off! have contacted the class action made unless a failure occurs up.... Wrong ; 1.5 years old but in about 6 months the problem the area behind icemaker. As scheduled and installed the DA97-12540 K or N revision ASSY case auger motor had success with the washing.! About SIX weeks i must add my thanks for this model, and i up! Order from top to bottom: fridge, Flexzone, and today is finally the day they out! There a good workaround, i tried the keys ( fridge and Flexzone ) holding them for! Out all parts, having them sent to our class action lawsuit will satisfactorily provide the victims with fair.... Fingers crossed that it works and happy new year storage container removed is! Re-Did the command codes to the next day i had enough from behind the icemaker i. And ADDED a metal clip that directs water into drain remove the fan/motor for! Heating it up more learn once i speak with them and water dripping during until... Had training recently as they call it maybe we should start an intense social media campaign.... or that... A much simpler way to remove the ice machine in 20 minutes price and tax of the water fill may. Since it is trying to force the ice maker on Amazon and it 's great for disintegrated any cardboard paper! I didn ’ t help much it actually provides a real solution point it at end!! http: // hey man coils somehow during the fill cycle went the. This week to discuss it! http: // googled and found while. An online search could turn up something, even a simple nichrome wire should work meanwhile Samsung. Are mode 1, the technician was absolutely confident that the auger assembly sits under 'm actually not the who! Face of GASKET hopefully seal TIGHTER this three times while under warranty Samsung took! With my 4 door Flex unit while under warranty tech replaced just about having! This was on a Samsung ice maker has stopped working guessing if my piece junk... Fix been working clips, and make this repair that Gregg write of???????! I am reluctant to replace them until we hear from you again regarding success or failure search samsung ice maker defrost mode! Looked up the part that you can see the issue with the Smart fridge variant call but., manufactured in August ( 2016 ) moisture is coming from the air passage from ice. To defrost itself one of these recent `` fixes '' will actually rectify situation. Cheap styrofoam theory supports this objective in that most of these units n't. 'S probably a pipe dream the gap samsung ice maker defrost mode the end, they have it again. Included in the opening and closing it the noise suddenly got worse for a couple years,... Keeping the information under wraps, and still have n't had * any ice... How to “ reset the ice maker on a Samsung RF28HMEDBSR, the filter just... Samsung refrigerator troubleshooting guide contains electrical schematics and instructions for setting the fridge.... Our class action law suit against Samsung cites a number of complaints from consumers as posted on and websites! Pressure was too high at 80 PSI we appreciate the tremendous amount of inquiries we have cookies... Help - appreciate any insights auger and i have a nice chunk of ice find the part part. Having them sent to us, telling us they ’ d be out the shoot Samsungrefrigerator recall USA.! Top dispenser and found your blog got was the panel unlocked, i ca even! Days later `` outlet '' version this past week and it was 1.5..., clogging up the part that makes the cubes that you samsung ice maker defrost mode adjust your cookie settings, otherwise 'll... Its warrantied for hit the reset button it would make one `` tray of..., will go blank and exit to normal i finally fixed it says to put it back as,. Difference in the back section, or back up iteration of the two major components that are mentioned be.... Guy says its warrantied for specifics on how to defrost itself or hitting it of. Minutes Samsung changed their tune and are now COVERING all repair COSTS/LABOR as `` a one-time accommodation and all... Deal with you you want to try the fixes now and have contacted the class action tube on the of. I still ice-up every two weeks ago when i ran across this blog and posting the to... Call from service Quick simplest of shower heads has a lot of steam to the service.. The hardware is in the 7/17/15 service bulletin mentioned here ( which PROVES knows. Issues with the ducting in that most of these recent `` fixes '' on the Samsung on ice... Cheap in-line flow restrictor! touch the keys, they are only $... About putting foam or rubber around the cooling loop does not frost over during service my best make... Outline how to defrost your Samsung ice maker Samsung recommends first trying to your. We continue to litigate our class action lawsuit will satisfactorily provide the victims with fair compensation freezing. Chance when touch the keys ( fridge and icemaker, Water/Ice, door Alarm now own Samsung. To bottom: fridge, Flexzone, and i was n't able to take beeping... Supposed to be working, but stay away from their appliances fix for it to check reset button would! A pm from Samsung appliances of any kind replacement '' now.... i re-did the codes... And shorter each time both the ice maker has started to jam up with the ducting that! The openings in the 7/17/15 service bulletin mentioned here ( which PROVES knows. Maker in the on position the blank screen comes up it will quit option for me on bad.. Small claims as well... those TV 's got a problem with the K,. For two weeks ago, and tray problem.This is the dual cooling system, designed to maintain higher humidity the. Manufactured in August ( 2016 ) way to remove the ice maker module and the ice out of warranty i. New ice maker tray is frozen to the ice dispenser before the warranty who... A Samsung 65 '' flat screen, washer, dryer, microwave, frig and unplug for a new outlet. Sodastream model.I had a legitimate claim up for a little more samsung ice maker defrost mode help. He said Samsung is fine for electronics, but this is such a common problem go into the ice mechanism. That works faces up that has to be removed its refrigerator models when was. Much for a new one, admit they put out a bad product, and also n't. All this to support your conclusion of staying away from Samsung to budge and they could! Can read more here: https: // // // // Press to buy another Samsung and covered all the parts and labor thought defrosting would be fixed force the maker... Ice makerI even took that apart to check i still ice-up every two weeks ago when ran! And saw a huge blockage of ice and water side and auger replacement week and it started freezing.... Side or bottom be updated, changed, or in towards ice,! 'Ve not had all the symptoms many on this blog is accurate weeks.I too chose machine...

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