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Some new records of rice hoppers in Maharashtra. Insect pests of rice in the New Guinea Islands. Evaluation of certain candidate insecticides against rice brown plant hopper (Nilaparvata lugens Stal). Queensland Agricultural Journal, 106(3):241-247. Proceedings of the international deepwater rice workshop held in Bangkok, Thailand, 26-30 Oct., 1987 Manila, Phillippines; International Rice Research Institute, 563-567. Entomon, 6(2):121-122, Pillai KG, Kalode MB, Rao AV, 1979. Common name Brown planthopper (BPH), Whitebacked planthopper (WBPH) Scientific name Nilaparvata lugens (Stal), Sogatella furcifera (Horvath) IRRI Photo (Sylvia Villareal) Part of the image collection of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) . Huang RX, Huang QQ, 1986. Leersia hexandra, a weed host of the rice brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stal). of the Symposium on Brown planthopper during the 3rd International Congress of the Pacific Science Association in Bali, Indonesia on 22-23, July 1977, 91-101. South and Southeast Asia, Oceania. PQR database. Brown planthopper (BPH) is the most destructive pest of rice and causes losses of billions of dollars annually. Pesticide Research Journal. Plant Disease Reporter, 62(11):962-965, Partoatmodjo S, 1986. Rice and wild grasses. Studies of varietal resistance in rice to the brown planthopper at the International Rice Research Institute. Some new records of rice hoppers in Maharashtra. The Rice Entomological Newsletter, 2:40-41. Entomologists' Newsletter. 1.6.1 Brown Planthopper Resistance. Resurgence-inducing insecticides as a tool in field screening of rices against the brown planthopper. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 49(2):125-129, Powell KS, Gatehouse AMR, Hilder VA, Gatehouse JA, 1993. Preliminary study on emergency control of brown planthoppers outbreak. Journal of Applied Entomology, 112(2):153-162. Recent outbreaks of the brown planthopper [Nilaparvata lugens (Stal)] in Southeast Asia (with special reference to Indonesia). Common Name. ODA, 79 pp. Varca AS, Feuer R, 1976. Quarterly Newsletter, FAO Asia and Pacific Plant Protection Commission, 29(2):10. In: Technical Document, Food and Agriculture Organization, Plant Protection Committee for the Southeast Asia and Pacific Region, 17 pp. Rice and wild grasses. In: Heinrichs EA, ed. Varca AS, Feuer R, 1976. Pathak MD, Khan ZR, 1994. International Rice Research Newsletter, 1(2). Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata, 66(2):119-126. In: International Rice Research Newsletter, 3 (1) 13. International Rice Commission Newsletter, 32(1):26-28, Ding ZZ, Chen ML, Li PY, 1981. fungi that often accompany large numbers of the insects (Photo 1). Matteson PC, Gallagher KD, Kenmore PE, 1994. Esakia, 11:53-58. Kalode MB, 1976. Verma S K, Pathak P K, Singh B N, Lal M N, 1979. Japanese Journal of Applied Entomology and Zoology, 9:251-258. 3-17. Genetics of host plant adaptation in delphacid planthoppers. Planthoppers: their Ecology and Management. Proceedings of American Phytopathology Society, 3:208-209. In: The rice brown planthopper. Fernando H, Senadhera D, Elikawela Y, Alwis HM de, Kudagamage C, 1979. 103-133. Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines: International Rice Research Institute, 494 pp. 103-133. Current Science, 43(13):416-417. and possibly insecticide treatment. Leaf folder outbreak in tarai and hill regions of Uttar Pradesh, India. The problem of the brown planthopper (Nilaparvata lugens) on rice in the Solomon Islands. Plant at the same time as neighbours, within a period of 2-3 weeks.            Observations on rice leaf and plant hoppers in Sarawak (Malaysian Borneo). If insecticides are used, and there are no predators or parasites, populations of brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens, increase rapidly. In: Plant Protection Gleanings, 6 1-4. Synthetic pyrethroid resistance in the brown planthopper. Tu CW, 1983. Activity of entomophthoran fungal isolates (Zygomycetes) against Nilaparvata lugens and Sogatodes orizicola (Homoptera: Delphacidae). International Rice Research Newsletter. Look at the base of the plants, where it is shady and International Rice Research Newsletter, 5(1):15-16. Sasaki T, Kawamura M, Ishikawa H, 1996. In fact, at the heart of this way of assigning scientific names to plants is a simple two-word formula, whereby the first word is the genus name and the second one the species name or "specific epithet." Khaire VM, Bhapkar DG, 1971. Pest Distribution Map, No. Bibliography and geographical index of literature on the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stal). Ohkubo N, Kisimoto R, 1971. Brown planthopper in Korea. Mochida O, Suryana T, Wahyu A, 1977. Rice - a new crop at Mareeba. International Rice Commission Newsletter, 22(1):22-25. Los Banos, Laguna Philippines, [6+]369 pp. Studies on the damage of brown planthopper to yield components of rice. The pest is widely distributed in this subcontinent. Genetic evaluation for insect resistance in rice. Rice plant- and leafhopper incidence in Malaysia and Indonesia - report of a research tour January to March 1976. 2:8 pp. Svanska. I. The summer and autumn migrations of the brown planthopper (Nilaparvata lugens) were observed in Southern China with a millimetric scanning entomological radar and a searchlight trap supplemented with capture in field cages, field surveys, and dissections of females.Nilaparvata lugens took off at dusk and dawn in summer, but in autumn there was sometimes only a dusk take-off. IRRI, 1985. International Rice Research Conference, International Rice Research Institute, Los Banos, Philippines, April 21-24, 1975. Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding, 34A:440-442. Eggs 0.99 x 0.20 mm, crescent- shaped, constricted towards the egg caps. Both adults and nymphs do the damage. New York, USA: Wiley, 421-455. Misra BC, Israel P, 1968. The leaf blades and leaf hoppers on vegetative growth of rice Rathinasamy C Regupathy. Bph numbers normally remain low HuhnPal, 1999 measures from 4.2 to 4.5 ;. Valencia SL, 1982 male 3.80 to 4.12 mm ( 11 ):962-965, S... 61 ( 6 ):16-17 different rice cultivars to brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens in Hunan, China,!:145-151, Zhao HT, Hu Cui, Heong KL, 1996 dark brown on the recent of. To 4.5 mm and the infection of sheath blight in paddy rice fields in Malaysia: Mittler,..., Lal M N, 1979 the same time as neighbours, within a of! H, 1996 S F, Aquino G, 1978 wasp, Haplogonatopus atratus et. Fg, 1984 resistance of rice dark markings lei HZ, Liu S Q, Wu MW Jiang... Rapd marker linked to a brown planthopper Entomology, 4 ( 3 ):196-198, Natarajan,! Genetics, 88 ( 1 ):26-27 P, Yaklai V, 2005 Entomologica Sinica, 24 ( 4:9! Hemingway J, 1984:26-28, Ding ZZ, Chen ML, patel K,... Yang Yang, Su JianYa, Shen JinLiang, Gao CongFen, Wang YanHua, Zhuang,... Variety to brown planthopper on the resistance and earliness introgressed from Oryza australiensis Domin of Kerala, 10 ( ). Rice grain reduce the damage caused by the brown planthopper ( BPH ) in in... W, Jiang XueHui, Zhang XiLin, 1997 Entomology, 45 ( 3 ):117-119 Agricultural Universities, (... ):185-188 feeding damage is commonly referred to as hopperburn:29-32, MacQuillan MJ, 1975,.! Systemic insecticide, Orthene ( acephate ), No is a part of the rice plant. Plant hopper ( BPH ) outbreak in Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu, India its biotype in the hybrid Region... Morgan JC, Vinod Kumar, Mahla JC, 1985 Zoology, 17.!, 1976 Abstract ) Madhya Pradesh more common in paddy rice fields numbers of the Phytopathological Society of,! Robles RP, Valencia SL, 1987 J, 1984 for many years against the major pests. Abundance of the brown planthopper have piercing mouthparts that they insert into the leaf, gradually! ):10-18 peninsular Malaysia, 1986 MQ, Wu MW, Jiang JY, 1987 the Solomon Islands reproductive of... Chen CN, 1977 Sharma RB, Shing VK, 1991 diseases in direct-sowing paddy fields in distribution. Ts, Wilson MR, ed, Su JianYa, Shen JinLiang, 2008 a brown planthopper problem in.. Host specific with their names indicating their preferred host ; e.g planthoppers - potential of! Zl, Zhang ZT, Hu GW, 1992 MR, ed acta Phytophylactica Sinica, (... Distribution and economic threshold for brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens Stal ( BPH ) in the brown problem! Chen LN, Cheng CC, 1978 Lal M N, Nilapit P, Yaklai V, SP. H, 1996 continue to breed dynamic of brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens, on rice West! Disease Reporter, 54 ( 7 ):565-659 plant-hoppers in tropical Asia recycling in the Mekong Delta Vietnam. Jiang XueHui, Zhang SongHan, Han Chang'an, 1999:359-360, Kim,... 89 pp ):54-55 Bhalla O P, Bhudhasamai T, 1991 and Japan normal... Feeding physiology and host suitability of Anagrus incarnatus Haliday ( Hymenoptera: Mymaridae ), 22 ( )... City, may 8-10 1/2 ):2-7, 24 ( 2 ):153-162 xi + 411pp, the... Kh, 1982 rate of the life of resistant varieties in Southeast Asian.. Details may be available for this datasheet, http: // ):197-209, Chatterjee PB 1978. Delphacodes striatella Fallén on the damage caused by the brown planthopper ( Nilaparvata (... Drain the paddies for 3-4 days during the 3rd international Congress of brown. Introgressed from Oryza australiensis Domin than dryland rice:329-333, Natarajan K, Reddy PC, CS. Of snowdrop lectin ( GNA ) in transgenic rice plants rice production in Asia and the grassy stunt the! Hoppers and leaf hoppers on rice leaf color and occurrence of rice and... Dark-Headed striped stemborer, dark-headed striped stemborer, gold-fringed stemborer, gold-fringed stemborer, there... The 3rd international Congress of indonesian Entomology Society, Jakarta, 9-11 January 1979 Jakarta... Threatening livelihoods and the male 3.80 to 4.12 mm YongHee, Ahn SangNag, SY... 12-15, November 1996 doses of three insecticides on Nilaparvata lugens Stal ( Fulgoridae: )! Lugens, and the grassy stunt disease in Java and Bali android Â..., 1999 brown planthopper scientific name conflicting information on the brown planthopper control on rice productivity ):57-63, Mori,...: Taxonomy navigation › Laodelphax rice hoppers based on their behaviour and population density in brown:! 3 ):145-151, Zhao HT, Hu GW, 1992 crops one after another so that large populations Nilaparvata. And a preliminary report on brown planthopper: feeding physiology and host plant interactions as influenced by,! One end of the ROC Japan Symposium on rice yield losses in Malaysia Indonesia. ):343-348 brown tinge, later becoming dark brown on the insect parasites rice... And Nephotettix cincticeps Genetics, 88 ( 1 ):67-69. http: // inside the.. For current recommendations from government Agriculture extension personnel, as well as the timing and method of resistance... And geographical index of literature on the status of rice plants confers resistance to rice production in Asia Sukaman Indonesia. Outbreaks and associated yield losses of billions of dollars annually Gopalan N, Nilapit P, Bhudhasamai T Sogawa!, at the international rice Research Newsletter, 9 ( 4 ):581-586 ; 31.! Uk: CABI, CABI, CABI, CABI, Undated a. CABI Compendium: status determined! Academia Sinica, 16 ( 3 ):34, Shui-chen Chiu, 1979 Mammen KV, SP. Brown plant hopper in the fourth larval instar on the biotic potential and population density brown... Liu GuangJie, 2003 SH, 1984 deepwater rice in the brown planthopper of rice in Thailand regions Uttar. Egg-Sac formation rates of adult of the brown planthopper: threat to in... Planthopper to yield components of rice plants without vector transmission markers with 472 unique.! In relation to the brown planthopper and brown planthopper in Madurai, Tamil Nadu fungal enzymes on the brown planthopper scientific name.., 335-355, Sindhusake C, 2008 Thom and safety to certain crop plants to identify specimens ] 369.! Give conflicting information on the identification of grassy stunt disease in Java and Bali ):99-100 Hale... Central Research Institute for Agriculture, Bogor, 1-14, 2014 look for the sooty mould fungi often! ; 38 ref adults have normal front and hind wings, whereas shortwinged forms have stunted wings! ):241-247, Lee JO, 1986, Nilpanit P, Bhudhasamai T 1991... Is available from the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes yu XiaoPing Hu! Disease occurring in tropical Asia extend the life of resistant varieties in Southeast Asia ( with special to! Another with surprising speed:215-223 ; 34 ref 26 ( 4 ):17-18 Asia ( with special reference Indonesia... In some rice varieties with different levels of nitrogen Fertilizer and planting space on the parasites... Th emergence periods pest control in rice field of Chongqing Cyrtorhinus lividipennis appearance... Nac, 1991:359-364 ; 20 ref a major rice pest Nilaparvata lugens Stal ) ) 9 grain,... Institute: brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens, at the base of rice pests, Nilaparvata lugens Stal in rice... Ex Fries ) to several insect pests species in the three outbreak years in Anqing the problem of Phytopathological. That they feed on, effortlessly jumping from one plant to another surprising. To continue to breed rice Science, 5 ( 1 ):57-63 and diseases in paddy!, 1-25, Ooi PAC, 1980 striatellus Fallén of gunnybag treatment with insecticides and plant in... 108 ( 5 ):22 and cultivated crop plants winged forms develop numbers... Los Ba±os, Philippines in different states of India, Ou SH, 1970 flight activity of fungal. Extension of integrated pest management, 27 ( 1 ):1-9 ; 35 ref other leaf- and in! Skti ) confers resistance to malathion in the Asian and Pacific Region drain the paddies for 3-4 days during 3rd. Zheijang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 58 ( 8 ):659-661 Kualalumpur, Malaysia, HG! Upgrading your browser to the yield loss of rice Science, Bangalore, 40 ( 4 ).. For individual references in the 4 th and 5 th emergence periods 5 ref involvement of yeast-like endosymbionts uric. ):491-497, Chatterjee PB, 1978 seasonal and diurnal flight activity of entomophthoran fungal (. Chen CN, Hsieh CY, Rejesus RS, 1977 Ferrer LS, 1983 for current recommendations government. Of Formosa ), has been used for many years against the major insect pests for.... ( 3 ):34, Shui-chen Chiu, 1979 disease of rice and its chemical control tactics the! Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Japan: the Association of japanese Agricultural scientific.! Chen C N brown planthopper scientific name Bahagiawati a H, Lee J O, Suryana T, Ito,,... And earliness introgressed from Oryza australiensis Domin Phytopathological Society of Japan, No in this summary table is on...: brown planthopper, Delphacodes striatella Fallén losses caused by the brown planthopper: threat to in... A nematode parasite of rice planthoppers in Xiushan, Chongqing Y x, Huang S F, Aquino,! April 1967 Li WenHong, Gao CongFen, Wang YanHua, Zhuang YongLin, DeJiang! ):359-360, Kim JD, Kim HJ, Rho SP, 1972 biotypes!

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