dark plasma physics

According to plasma metaphysics, a significant proportion of dark matter is in the form of a plasma of super (high energy) particles. … aa/article/view/4550, Eugene Oks. Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Nobody knows exactly what dark matter is. In 2020, in a paper published in Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics, I showed that for hydrogen atoms, the singular solution of the Dirac equation outside the proton is legitimate not just for the ground state, but for all excited discrete and continuous states of zero angular momentum—that is, for the so-called S-states. The best definition of plasma might be: a system of particles with high level of average kinetic energy. It is often created by applying a voltage between two electrodes in a glass tube containing a low-pressure gas. We find that the observed excess can be explained if kinetic mixing is in the approximate range: $10^{-12} \lesssim \epsilon \lesssim 10^{-10}$. A potential of several hundred volts is applied between the two electrodes. These bodies include the "bioplasma" bodies and "astral" bodies found in the metaphysical literature. Plasma physics is a rich and diverse field of enquiry, with its own special twist. However, with today's instruments it can be declassified from dark matter. In that paper, I demonstrated that with the allowance for the finite size of the proton, the singular solution of the Dirac equation outside the proton becomes legitimate for states of zero angular momentum (in that paper I focused at the ground state). In that 2001 paper, I showed that the allowance for the second flavor of hydrogen atoms eliminates this huge discrepancy. Dark matter does not respond to the electromagnetic force, or does so only very weakly. Plasma is found almost everywhere on Earth and in space - only the invisible dark matter is more abundant. He founded/co … For presenting the key part of this theorem, I will review the following: In quantum mechanics, any physical quantity corresponds to an operator, which is a set of rules to transform the so-called wave function into another wave function. In general, most distros and desktop environments come with atrociously pale fonts, gray on gray. Research in the field of atomic, molecular, nuclear, particle and plasma physics from the Faculty of Science, University of Melbourne. The resulting charged ions an… Plasma is the fourth state of matter, consisting of electrically charge remnants of atoms in the form of electrons and ions. I did not change any physical laws. • The fluid govern equations of a positron beam plasma are reduced to the NLSE. Dark plasma has very low density but tends to form in clumps. The ‘antigravitational’ force due to its pressure gradient then represents dark energy, and its gravitational force due to the energy density represents dark matter. April 16, 2012. Plasma metaphysics is the application of plasma and dark matter physics to the study of our high energy subtle bodies and their corresponding environments. For the schedule of course offerings, please see the department website. Basic research is carried out and applied to all of these areas by CU scientists in the Physics Department and collaborators in Institutes such as LASP and departments such as APS. The universe has five times more dark matter than normal matter. Development is one of the oldest traits humanity possesses. So, as I write, an article has appeared in The Daily Galaxy dated 11 June, 2019 titled “The Magnetic Cosmos” “. He also developed a large number of advanced spectroscopic methods for diagnosing various laboratory and astrophysical plasmas – the methods that were then used and are used by many experimental groups around the world. Plasma can be artificially generated by heating a neutral gas or subjecting it to a strong electromagnetic field to the point where an ionized gaseous substance becomes increasingly electrically conductive. Dark matter is just as mysterious as the origin of the big bang. Detecting compact dark objects in the universe. While the plasma in our world is hot and short-lived, scientists speculate that since dark plasma has less density, it can remain in the plasma state even at room temperature for long periods of time. How to make glow in the dark slime. If X-ray galaxies were observed in the nineteenth century to affect nearby stars through gravity it would have been classified under matter that we would now classify as dark matter because it would not have emitted any electromagnetic waves that would have been detectable using the scientific instruments available in the nineteenth century. Bowman et al found that the amplitude of the absorption profile of the 21-cm line was more than a factor of two greater than the largest predictions. ... Fireworks in a Dark Universe. The publication first offers information on the introduction to plasma physics and basic properties of the equilibrium plasma.

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