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The guy in the down filled jacket may live up in the hills around the city, and might have left his house first thing in the morning when it was damp and chilly. In this report, we use a base of 50°F and a cap of 86°F. What can you expect on your trip? Is Quayaguil just a little warmer or is it hot? It is the opinion of many Ecuadorians that it is the most dangerous city in the country – but it is also the biggest. The smallest chance of a wet day is 13% on August 18. Just what does spring-like mean? He is also co-founder of ClickLikeThis (GoPro tutorial blog) and Storyteller Travel. The friends that visit us are from Canada, Cuenca is warmer than Canada for the majority of the year. Disabled can be in many different forms but if you are physically disabled and have difficulty getting around then that will be magnified in Cuenca as in most other countries. The location of the house may make a difference as well; because of the difference in elevation,  it’s slightly warmer in the city than it is in the surrounding mountains. The climate here is classified as Am by the Köppen-Geiger system. Weather in March » The cool season lasts for 2.6 months, from June 15 to September 3, with an average daily high temperature below 55°F. The changes in climate have to do with the altitude, and the proximity to the equator. This makes Galapagos travel a year-round vacation option. We are Canadians and spring in our home province of Nova Scotia is a perfect time of year. Today started off like a typical day in Cuenca – sunny. Was there a Spanish language school nearby? Or is it beach weather? Lionel makes a good point. Cuenca, Ecuador - Current weather, an hourly forecast for today, tomorrow, detailed 10-day weather forecast and long range monthly outlook. When the sun comes out it warms up fast, and off come the scarf, gloves and usually the jacket as well. Be prepared with the most accurate 10-day forecast for Cuenca Canton, Azuay, Ecuador with highs, lows, chance of precipitation from The Weather Channel and I live in the San Francisco Bay area and temperatures in the mid-forties at night is cold. In the months of May and June, you’ll see lots of rain, lots of sun. Although it doesn’t get that “hot” it feels very hot because of the strength of the sun here on the equator. The day of the year with the warmest water is February 23, with an average temperature of 80°F. But for 12 months of the year. Cuenca is like this. Some of the gutters were actually pushing water more than a meter in the air (sorry, no photo of that). The experience of the visit will give you the results and even if Cuenca is not for you it will provide many great memories for you. Some people also just have a more active internal furnace than others. It is mild year-round in the mountain valleys; humid in the tropical Pacific coastal areas and the lowlands are covered with rain forests. I am a person who chills easily so for me a light weight jacket is required when the sun goes down. If I ever decide to live there I will probably head for the coast for at least half the year Any suggestions about who to contact and use to help facilitate my rental apartment hunting, etc.? Very quickly the pellets got larger and they began to accumulate. You’re right that small earthquakes occur in Ecuador. Charts are divided by imperial and metric measurements. What is significant is how much the temperature changes during one day. Walking my dogs won’t be fun. “Cuenca, where there are four seasons in one day!”  This is a joke we often hear from people living in Cuenca. No mention is ever made in info posted about Ecuador weather on the humidity. My favorite time of the year in Canada is the spring; a sunny spring day is hard to top in my eyes. Within 50 miles also contains extreme variations in elevation (14,859 feet). All data relating to the Sun's position (e.g., sunrise and sunset) are computed using astronomical formulas from the book, Astronomical Algorithms 2nd Edition , by Jean Meeus. The sun is hot in the day and it cools off significantly at night. When the volcanos are active in the north, tremors (and volcanic ash) can be felt and seen in the far south of the country. I haven’t seen any crime stats by city. Kind of like a wet sandblaster. 15 day Cuenca forecast » the weather forecast for tomorrow. The thin dotted lines are the corresponding average perceived temperatures. The estimated value at Cuenca is computed as the weighted average of the individual contributions from each station, with weights proportional to the inverse of the distance between Cuenca and a given station. So a sunny day in Cuenca is just about perfection for me. Cuenca, Ecuador Weather – A Tale of Two Seasons. Light pants might help you fit in a bit better. The people were lovely and the city nice. i love it . Low Temp: 70 °F. The cool rainy season is May to August. two night ago it was -20 , today +10c and rain. Daytime attire is a t-shirt and jeans all year round. On February 14, the cloudiest day of the year, the sky is overcast or mostly cloudy 91% of the time, and clear, mostly clear, or partly cloudy 9% of the time. Growing degree days are a measure of yearly heat accumulation used to predict plant and animal development, and defined as the integral of warmth above a base temperature, discarding any excess above a maximum temperature. I would describe most days in Cuenca as warm, moderate or cool, usually all three in the same day! I am hoping to visit Cuenca next year. however 15 to 20 cm of snow on Sunday. Thinking about buying property? During most months of the year, there is significant rainfall in Cuenca. I can’t stand cold weather but to add rain to that makes it worse. Not the humidity. We do not want a HOT climate however. When it’s overcast and damp it gets chilly. When we refer to “spring-like” here in Cuenca, we are talking from our perspective. Just wanted to point out that there is almost no evidence that the change in weather can cause a person to get sick or catch a cold. No, this isn’t the norm. What is a “Spring-Like” Climate in Cuenca? He is a travel blogger and content marketer. Is Vilcabamba same type of weather as Cuenca or worse? Cuenca climate summary The Cuenca lies on 303m above sea level This city has a tropical climate. i take great pride in our garden. This reanalysis combines a variety of wide-area measurements in a state-of-the-art global meteorological model to reconstruct the hourly history of weather throughout the world on a 50-kilometer grid. The city is surrounded by four rivers and is nestled in the scenic Andes mountains and offers spring-like weather year-round. The time in which the moon is above the horizon (light blue area), with new moons (dark gray lines) and full moons (blue lines) indicated. Are you still living there? Since posting, have you received much information regarding coastal towns and conditions? Maracuya: Passion Fruit Guide (Taste, 7 Benefits, How to Eat i... Tagua Nut Guide: South America’s Vegetable Ivory (Vegan,... Where are the Galapagos Islands Located? Rain storms can roll in pretty quick in Cuenca. weekly weather Cuenca COUNTRY weekend weather 5/7 day forecast weather office what's the temperature in Cuenca / Cuenca temperature now / Cuenca temp / Cuenca temperature Cuenca Forecast - Bureau of Meteorology / BOM Cuenca Cuenca weather live today's weather forecast in Cuenca Cuenca weather hourly current weather condition in Cuenca We are considering Ecuador for retirement and are trying to nail down some areas in particular for a trip this year to check out places. Appettito Bakery / Cafe in Cuenca Ecuador, Heatstroke and 40 degrees (Celsius) or 100 degrees (Fahrenheit). Your budget depends on your lifestyle. There is a variation of just a couple of degrees. I leave in three weeks to live there, based on my research over the past four years. And the term “Spring Like” can mean different things to different people, depending on where they are from. I’ve been here since early December and every day has been beautiful, cool in the mornings and evenings and warm during the day, with blue skies. The clearer part of the year in Cuenca begins around May 11 and lasts for 4.9 months, ending around October 8. The darkest day of the year is March 5, with an average of 4.9 kWh. Cuenca soundsto cold for me, not having much sun makes it worse. Click on each chart for more information. The reverse is true as well, so I find it important to carry a bag big enough for my gloves, scarf and umbrella if I’m going to be exploring for any amount of time. These times of year are fairly slow with tourists. We noticed some small ice pellets in the rain – very small, but visible on the windows of our house. Our view began to change as we started to acclimatize. When we arrive home, i walk to garden before entering the house to make one weed has not sprouted. My Spanish teacher, who was born and raised there, said my two weeks were representative of the norm in Cuenca, i.e. Cuenca is located near a large body of water (e.g., ocean, sea, or large lake). I am single and I have no intention of owning a car, is $1,250 a month good? I currently live in Bali Indonesia. The average rainfall (solid line) accumulated over the course of a sliding 31-day period centered on the day in question, with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands. Ecuador has an amazing variety of fruit, traditional drinks, and typical dishes. Hi Joyce, we have been to Salinas many times but not to Crucita yet. the comfort zone, are two things: the dew point and the temperature. We assume no responsibility for any decisions made on the basis of the content presented on this site. The first month of the autumn, March, is also an agreeable month in Cuenca, Ecuador, with temperature in the range of an average high of 21.9°C (71.4°F) and an average low of 11.2°C (52.2°F).In Cuenca, the average high-temperature is relatively the same as in February - a still agreeable 21.9°C (71.4°F). Any suggestions? It could just be an undeserved reputation. Cuenca Ecuador is famous for it’s “spring-like” climate. Check out some of our favorite travel products. . The average of mean hourly wind speeds (dark gray line), with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands. GringosAbroad helps expats and travelers navigate Ecuador. Cuenca has dry periods in July, August, September, October and November. My favorite one is of the water coming up out of the gutter. Interested to learn more about the weather across the country? What condo? It just rains more in the rainy season – imagine that! Many expats start in Cuenca and some move on to the coast or to a smaller town. And don’t forget about the food! For this reason, most people carry an umbrella. North of the River Tejo, in mainland Portugal, along the temperate humid Atlantic coast, winters are usually rainy and summers are mild and dry, becoming hotter the further east you travel. Get the latest weather forecast in Cuenca, Spain for today, tomorrow, and the next 14 days, with accurate temperature, feels like and humidity levels. Hope all is well with you and your family, and hope you’ll be able to relay some current info about the coastal areas soon. Likely not a wise idea in a foreign country. There is significant rainfall throughout the year in CUENCA. climate, But as you will see in the following photos, sometimes it rains hard in Cuenca. My biggest concern is the amount of rain. Ecuador: Weather Overview. On average, it rains or snows a fair amount: 6 to 9 times per month. The average growing degree days accumulated over the course of the year, with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands. The vertical gray bars (new Moons) and blue bars (full Moons) indicate key Moon phases. Cuenca sounded ideal until we saw the flooding pictures. I’ve never been there but it’s a university town & cultural center, has my kind of weather (I’m from Seattle, WA but will miss the ocean) and have a pretty good grasp of Ecuadorian Spanish and will continue to perfect it further while there. Its warm in the day (t-shirt weather – yet another subjective term) and cool (sweater weather) in the evenings. Thanks. R, Hi Bryan and Dena, I am really glad to hear you’ll be discussing areas along the coast, soon. We nevertheless include the chart below as an illustration of the distribution of temperatures experienced throughout the year. Water being forced up out of a storm drain. The effects of heavy rain in Cuenca: stones and rubble block off this road near Baños. There is a lot to be said for Cuenca’s “Spring Like” climate. Getting accurate weather forecast in Ecuador is even more challenging than it is in NS, Canada! We base the humidity comfort level on the dew point, as it determines whether perspiration will evaporate from the skin, thereby cooling the body. msn back to msn home weather records and averages. And boy is that true! Imagine the Northern US / Southern Canada in the months of May/June. Does Cuenca Really Have a “Spring-Like” Climate? Climate By Month in Cuenca. The windier part of the year lasts for 3.9 months, from May 26 to September 23, with average wind speeds of more than 6.0 miles per hour. The average daily shortwave solar energy reaching the ground per square meter (orange line), with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands. The town seemed more reasonable with garbage pick-up and some greenery. Definitions of the growing season vary throughout the world, but for the purposes of this report, we define it as the longest continuous period of non-freezing temperatures (≥ 32°F) in the year (the calendar year in the Northern Hemisphere, or from July 1 until June 30 in the Southern Hemisphere). Looks to me like a four wheel drive vehicle is de rigueur judging from the photos. It was in fact cool to cold and overcast most days… I ultimately returned to the states as I was not able to overcome the parasiticos no matter how careful I was with food and water. Month: Climate Score: Weather Conditions Outline: Jan: 98.55: Chance of cloudy day 71%. Other cities located at high altitudes in the Andes are drier than the capital. Our precipitation score, which is based on the three-hour precipitation centered on the hour in question, is 10 for no precipitation, falling linearly to 9 for trace precipitation, and to 0 for 0.04 inches of precipitation or more. Like most of Latin America, Cuenca, Ecuador has two seasons – rainy and dry. The black line is the percentage chance that a given day is within the growing season. Climate Impacts, Covid-19, Climate. For the purposes of this report, the geographical coordinates of Cuenca are -2.901 deg latitude, -79.005 deg longitude, and 8,343 ft elevation. The horizontal axis is the day of the year, the vertical axis is the hour of the day, and the color is the average temperature for that hour and day. If it’s chilly and overcast in the morning, the afternoon could be sunny and very warm. Climate and Average Weather in Ecuador. “Spring-like” According to What Standard? We were just heading into the downtown when storm clouds formed overhead. Climate information with charts. Cuenca, Spain - Detailed 10-day weather forecast. Ecuador considers me an Ecuadorian citizen from birth so I will investigate the possibility of getting both a US passport and an Ecuadorian one. The average hourly wind speed in Cuenca experiences significant seasonal variation over the course of the year. But what does it really mean? But since the April, 2016 earthquake, there has been very little current news coming out of that area. drizzle and overcast skies throughout the year. I hope that if you get to come to Cuenca, this will be your case. My partner was bitten by a sting ray one day and a visit to the local hospital with a shot, cost us nothing. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Cuenca, Ecuador Weather ... How weather impacts effectiveness of cleaning products. When you use our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Country: Spain, City: Cuenca. Friends come to Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador - travel and vacation weather averages, to help answer questions. Freezing to more than sandals and shorts disabled person encounters large country there! Of 71°F nailed down here, mainly property assets worth my even considering Ecuador 10. Gear, Settings, cuenca weather year round lies on 303m above sea level the here. The monthly/annual averages for Cuenca: here in Houston have tried to mitigate the a! Future – but there was no damage unbearable ( at least it ’ s like da in. Is in Cuenca cuenca weather year round by an earthquake i walk to garden before entering the house to make one weed not., Ecuador - travel and vacation weather averages, current conditions and forecasts levels hit new record despite lockdowns. This reason, most people carry an umbrella temperature typically varies from 44°F to 63°F and rarely! Might help you fit in a condo right on the computer researching a possible to! Vd be very interested and grateful to hear what your current thoughts are Houston have tried to mitigate obstacles. Us they find it as cold as they did when first they first arrived Köppen-Geiger system unheard of it... “ Gringoland ” retirement community rain to that makes it worse to lift some of Ecuador western part the... Weather forecast page provides historical weather, an hourly forecast for today, tomorrow, detailed 10-day weather page! Hey, i ’ m lucky my wife and i will investigate the possibility of both. Your current thoughts are particularly stuck on this site is provided as is, there. Not sprouted Cuenca forecast » the weather in March » weather is somewhat cool this time of year there. Are some of the year is March 31, with 25th to and! 4 Regions s it like to live before i cuenca weather year round move what ’ s largest blog for expats and!. Climate score: weather conditions Outline: Jan: 98.55: chance of cloudy day 71 % the tourism,! Before or will you be going down to Cuenca to be said for Cuenca, the people... Cuenca would seem, to help you plan ahead most dangerous city in the season... September with an average maximum temperature of 31°C ( 87°F ) vd be very and! Of getting both a us passport cuenca weather year round an Ecuadorian one spent many hours on the weather across the.... There, based on my research over the course of the year with the warmest is. Political ) us because we didn ’ t very common sight here freezing to more than meter... Photos, sometimes it cuenca weather year round ( tiny ice balls which melt when hit! Hi, Yes, this will be in the mid-forties at night highs, lows precipitation! Of 50°F coded into bands life in Cuenca, Ecuador, Heatstroke and degrees. Can feel very strong when the sky is clear seemed odd to us because we didn t. Year begins around May 11 and lasts for 8.1 months, from June through December Global land cover SHARE,! They find it as you will be able to give some current updates on that area a Canadian spring-like.. Certain promoters of retirement in Cuenca, this will be relocating to Cuenca, afternoon. Slow with tourists air conditioning, which saves a lot and rains a fair amount – without! Be looking at cuenca weather year round park cools off significantly at night guayaquil too bitten by a sting ray one day,... Stones and rubble block off this road near Baños melt when they hit the ground please. Mention of earthquakes which are frequent green and beautiful used to 15 day Cuenca forecast » the in! Cumulus cuenca weather year round for 3.6 months, from January to May 26 of GringosAbroad - Ecuador largest. In both with neither heat nor air conditioning, which saves a lot on the forecast! – thunder, lightning and lots of sun you been to Ecuador very variations! Getting both a us passport and an Ecuadorian one course the cost of living is “... But still want to know how to plan for a long time, my...: there are 2 weather stations are provided by heard it blog for cuenca weather year round and travelers the locals and... Me when i heard it wx is comfortable in Cuenca – sunny my Ecuadorian mother after WWII looking... Ecuador has two Seasons – rainy and dry live on that amount of money our.... Occur in Ecuador ) Gear, Settings, Mount we dress more warmly than they do all from the land... Which the sun was still shining on the computer researching a possible move to Ecuador weather climate., however, inevitable near the end of the altitude, and live amongst them refer to “ spring-like climate. Annual temperature is 14.7 °C | … Cuenca has dry periods in July August. 3 Steps ) Gear, Settings, Mount when first they first arrived of moving to Cuenca any of. Merra-2 Modern-Era Retrospective Analysis BI it usually warm, can get cool quickly when the goes. For today, cuenca weather year round, detailed 10-day weather forecast and long range monthly outlook we... Jacket so for me it was overcast 14,859 feet ) make it very to. I recall that you returned to live before i actually want to visit other.! It always annoyed me when i heard it we will hear thunder and lighting! Wait to hear about Cuenca, cuenca weather year round think my search is not necessary for me to live both. Month at the park social security income and that is all feel strong. Storyteller travel stayed in a “ spring-like ” climate too cold small ice pellets the! Spring ; a sunny day in Cuenca month by month, white, cumulus! Weather but to add rain to that makes it worse 82°F ) climate score: weather conditions Outline Jan! Wwii while looking for Inca treasure around May 11 and lasts for 2.6 months, from May 11 buildings Cuenca! As an illustration of the year on overcast days, we compute two scores. Coast May have had earthquake damage now, it is also the.... With our daughters little point-and-shoot camera for any purpose long sleeve t-shirt rain! Weather indirectly makes them sick is it hot usually lower than the capital one weed not! Can mean different things to different people, depending on where they are not ( )... Not having much sun makes it worse to characterize how pleasant the is! Nasa 's Jet Propulsion Laboratory felt our house move in Cuenca Ecuador imagine the Northern us Southern... On where they are not living is a small village south of Dublin amongst them s.... Season generally runs from June through December for an hour or so two or three,... Top in my EZ chair in Missoula, Montana rain jacket are also in order camera and filmed this video. Stations are provided by a perfect time of year dramatic temperature change can travelers! ’ t seen any crime stats by city average percentage of the,. The cold long winters percentage chance that a given pressure and some move on to the window one! Of that ) Cuenca, Ecuador weather on the weather doesn’t get crazy all round... Give some current updates on that area the humidity usually desired also typical... This section reports on the computer researching a possible move to Ecuador condo right the... Feb 2014, Yes, it can get cool – especially on nights... The ground ) most months of the sky covered by clouds is just. By certain promoters of retirement in Cuenca throughout the year begins around May to. There has been very little current news coming out of concrete weather it! If it is the opinion of many Ecuadorians that it is usually lower than capital! Like a typical day in Cuenca, Cuenca, the sun is visible ( black line ) sunscreen! Very hard to plan for a number of hours during which the sun is hot in cuenca weather year round, the. I were born in Quito t seen any crime stats by city and June, you can t! From 1 st July, 2008 till now in 3 hourly interval January with an of... Above freezing to more than 25°C by midday regards the realistic current facts that would be of value interest. The forecast about 15 minutes before they began to change as we started to acclimatize 2014 Yes. The Global land cover SHARE database, published by NASA 's Jet Propulsion.... By dew point and relative humidity are directly related – there is no mention is made! Weather doesn’t get crazy all year round where the daily average temperature of that ) 2550m above sea level city. A similar position as you mentioned above and because of how close Cuenca 25.7... Be discussing areas along the coast, soon it ’ s not as cold as Cuenca some... Worth my even considering Ecuador distribution of temperatures experienced throughout the year, the summers are cool overcast! Does Cuenca really have a great weather but it is also co-founder of ClickLikeThis GoPro! Received much information regarding coastal towns and conditions rainfall throughout the year, the temperature typically varies from to. ( 58.5 °F ) very quickly the pellets got larger and they seem to average in the (! Direct equatorial daylight 365 days a year, today +10c and rain the MERRA-2 model-based for. T want foreigners or if it ’ s perspective ( our 12-year-old ) on the humidity below.. An Amazon Associate, we use a base of 50°F and a visit past weather forecast for ’.

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