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Vanilla F:NV HP formula: 100 + (End * 20) + ([Level - 1] * 5) -- JSawyer HP formula: 50 + (End * 10) + ([Level - 1] * 5), Switched all Pre-Order items to be sold at. Josh Sawyer mod was a mod made from the lead director for New Vegas. Switched all Pre-Order message boxes to corner messages. Lightweight Metal Armor (Pre-Ord) to 15 weight. Purified and Dirty water restores 10 health (as before), but over 10 seconds instead of over 5 seconds. The order of precedence is: JSawyer Ultimate, Mojave Arsenal, Water Overhaul (the lower ones are greyed-out). The original mod only actually edited the rarity of NPC food (even though it also mentions drinks in the changelog), probably because Sawyer believed that respawning, easy-to-kill enemies were an easy source of items. All Pre-Order Special Armor and Weapons set to drastically reduced values. This resets holstering speed, AP regeneration, hacking delay, and damage required to gain kill experience to the vanilla values used by Sawyer. Nuka Cola and Sunset Sarsaparilla restore less health, but now restore H2O as well. Added 5.56mm Pistol to prospector and mercenary weapon lists. Removed 25mm APW additions to raider weapon lists. I'll make a separate mod to more comprehensively cover this kind of scrapping. It was first released on December 29, 2011. Otherwise the rest is the same. JSawyer is a personal modification for Fallout: New Vegas created by project director Joshua Sawyer, intended for those willing to experience a harder, more challenging game. Reverted the companion suite carry weight reduction (changed from -75 back to -25). Also, the fifth pack member now carries a random weapon from the dead Bright Followers, rather than a tier 2 energy weapon. Just FYI: I deliberately made this mod in a lightweight fashion so that it doesn't necessitate an update every time YUP is updated. Compatibility has been greatly improved, errors have been fixed, and balance corrections have been expanded - … Re-fixed the merchant caravan reset. Ensure that you update all of them to their most recent versions. iXPBase set to 275 (from 200) & iXPBumpBase set to 200 (from 150) - Increasing required XP by a little more than 1/3. This video is unavailable. 1st Recon Beret: decreased weight from 1 to 0.1 to match other Berets (this is also a change included in YUP, but I'm including it for consistency with the other Beret records that are already included). Loot is now only edited once using scripts when you toggle the stimpak variants option. Updated to reflect changes in version 11.1 of YUP. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Updated healing for expired and homemade stimpaks. Any info about how the mod handles companions would be appreciated. NCR Trooper Fatigues: increased value from 50 to 100. The purpose of this is so that OWB perk changes from both Unofficial Patch Plus and Unofficial Patch NVSE can be compatible, along with any other mod which edits the NVDLC03GenericPerkQuest script for some reason (they're really shouldn't be any others). This supersedes the purist optional file. Created WithAmmo forms for the 5.56mm Pistol and Battle Rifle. This is still much less than the ridiculous 175 in Sawyer's original mod. Decreased the Companion Suite carry weight debuff from -75 to -25, as was intended in previous versions. I've played a run of New Vegas back in 2013, but I didn't get very far, and I don't remember much. Removed changes to medicine and food scaling. Added animal meat rarity option, which affects only meat dropped by animals. Do not use this optional with Mojave Arsenal—both do the same thing anyway. Changed the FOD restoration values for Gecko Steak and the newly added steaks using the vanilla convention. This allows their names to be easily translated. The Implant GRX options will now be added next time you launch the game. Dr Klein's Glasses: removed weight change (was 0.25 to 0). Level cap properly set to 15, adjusts up to 35 with all DLC. This allows JSawyer Ultimate to control the number of charges without actually editing any scripts or quests. I still recommend Unofficial Patch Plus, but variety is the spice of life. Armored Vault 13 and 21 Jumpsuits now use RepairVaultSuit, which now includes all F:NV base Vault Suits. The jsawyer mod adds good survival aspects. Yeah, tried to do that, I … Ideally, there'd be a way for you to give companions Antivenom through the wheel menu, but in leiu of that this is a user-friendly compromise. [1], Sawyer released version three of JSawyer on January 31, 2012. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 5.72K. Dr Mobius' Glasses: removed weight change (was 0.25 to 0). The exception is. Fixed the Ammo127mmJunkRounds ammo weight: from 0.006400 to 0.064000, which was an old bug fixed for the vanilla game but never for. All standard weapons with moddable GRA equivalents given all GRA mods. A clean save will be required if using a save with a previous version. Think of it as a "directors cut" mod NOTE: This mod is meant to be played on normal/hard difficulty JSawyer Ultimate Edition Addendum. Removed clean water from unclean healing item lists. Previously, JSawyer Ultimate would only guarentee Unofficial Patch Plus's edits to the script. All Nuka Chemist recipes now require 2 Nuka Cola rather than 1. Moved scripted messages to use message forms. TrailerParkApe Hellions of Earth 19:08, December 29, 2011 (UTC) . Added support for the transcontinental editions of YUP. Still waiting on a true English translation though. Boomer Outfits: added repair list, the same as other vault suits. The latter, Project Nevada, is rather popular mod upon Nexus. Removed Sillenced .22 weapons from raider weapon lists. The reason for the removal is that there was a potential error in the method which would cancel out the effect of any healing items you were affected by before sleeping. Replaced Healing Powder's PER effect with Herbal Sickness. Added a second Meals-to-Metal recipe which uses the metal butter knife variant. compared to F:NV vanilla. Considering companions already loose 100 carry weight due to the mod's base change, an additional -75 seems excessive, and -25 is a good compromise. Compatibility has been greatly improved, errors have been fixed, and balance corrections have been expanded - all whilst trying to maintain the original mod's vision. Decreased Gecko Kebab weight from 0.8 to 0.4 (as the recipe makes 2). Unofficial Patch Plus is still required to fix the companion suite perk, and make sure to load JSawyer Ultimate after it as shown in the description. reverted to vanilla). Decreased Gecko Steak HP and FOD restoration from +2(15)s and -75 to +2(10)s and -35 (in vanilla it was the most potent, easiest to craft, and had the most common meat of all the steaks). Correct messages for Never Axed for This challenge, so they display as message boxes instead of corner messages. Split some of the rarity options into separate 'Loot' and 'NPC' options. Added empty jet inhaler clutter to town drug lists. The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. One of the most exciting things coming to Fallout 4 is the ability to modify … No changes required. (GRA) suffix removed from GRA weapons that have base game equivalents (e.g. Jsawyer's Mod vs Project Nevada Mod Incase you haven't heard, Jsawyer's Mod is modification by one of the developer team's member, Joshua E. Sawyer. Fixed DT for Follower's Lab Coat, Reinforced. Raider armors all given misc bonuses. I’m a developer, not a modder, so I’m used to working in a development environment and don’t think about the compatibility issues that modders have to be aware of. Fire Bomb explosion damage set to 50, burn damage set to 9/sec for 15 secs, All Junk rounds added to respective ammunition lists, fKarmaModKillingVeryEvilActor from 2 to 30, Dam Centurion Alignments changed from Evil to Neutral, Westside Citizens and Militia Alignments changed from Neutral to Good, Gomorrah Prostitutes Alignments changed from Neutral to Good, 1E Junkies' Alignments changed from Neutral to Good, 20 Ga 3/0 Buck and 12 Ga 4/0 Buck damage bonuses (from base buckshot) added, All Power Armor enchantments have an Increase Carry Weight effect equal to the weight of the armor, with the condition of HasPerk PowerArmorTraining or GetIsID for, NCR Salvaged Power Armor weight lowered to 28, Power Armor flags disabled on all Power Armor and Helmets (no longer explicitly requires, iMaxCharacterLevel lowered from 30 to 15 (making total max character level 35). Loading... Unsubscribe from QUICKSAVE? Same as above. By default, JSawyer's mod changed the rarity of chance-based food, and only food, to 20% of its original spawn chance. Elijah's Jury-Rigged Tesla Cannon health increased from 90 to 100 (previously was slighty incorrect, Sawyer's original change). It turns. The Courier's Stash: The items from the The Courier's Stash DLC are no longer given to the player for free at the start of the game. Removed dirty edits to fAVDHealthEnduranceOffset, fDiffMultXPVH , fDiffMultXPVE, fDiffMultXPH, fDiffMultXPE, fMagicMedicineSkillMult game settings. Compared to previous versions, the default rarity multiplier has been increased from 20% to 25% to better match the original mod. Karma: Killing feral ghouls no longer grants the player good karma, and the player gains far less good karma from killing evil characters. Removed dirty edits in cell 000E1940 of the WastelandNV WorldSpace. Recharger Rifle weight halved (15 to 7.5). By default, only NPC loot rarity is now affected, but has been expanded from the original mod to cover all aid consumables and not just food. Fixed a bug with the scale restriction for the damage multiplier MCM option. New Weight Option: Decreased weight of Surgical Tubing from 1 to 0.1. Bent Tin Can = Tin Can! A lot of armors have had their Damage Resistance and Damage Threshold values increased, making the player's choice of weapon against armored enemies more important. Removed the broken BSA file - the files are now loose instead. For those who don't know, Josh Sawyer just released his own personal mod he has made for Fallout: New Vegas.Here is a rundown of the mod and the link to it. As such, I recommend you use that instead, as you get some additional loot options and comprehensive ammo recipe and naming standardisation along with it. Rapid fix to update the message for Spoiled meat items to reflect the name change in the last version. Upped JIP LN NVSE requirement to 49.00 to ensure you have the fixed karma functions (the separate plugins are no longer necessary). Removed cutlery weight to the New Weight option, as it wasn't in the original mod. Usual meanings: x is for major version change, y is for new features, z is for minor edits and fixes. Added sliders to the MCM to control rarity of various aid items. This mod changes it so that they are food items, to match all other soda items and drinks. Removed the new Meals-to-Metal recipe for the second Butter Knife variant. .22LR Submachinegun: removed JSawyer Ultimate's weight change. In the same post, Joshua Sawyer also praised JSawyer Ultimate, a mod that integrates the changes of JSawyer while also being compatible with a host of other popular mods.[6]. Removed changes to Jason Bright's Outfit, since YUP lowers the weight now. (The removal of DR from dusters allows the addition of DR to light armours to be made optional and carried out automatically by the patcher, as it wasn't part of the original mod. The YUPTTW patch will now be recognised, so a message will no longer be displayed saying that YUP is absent if you're using that version. Fixed a bug on the back end which prevented new options being added to the INI file. Arcade's Lab Coat: removed all changes (these were minor anyway). Tin Grenade recipe no longer requires Mad Bomber. As they were only included in half the lists, it appears this was an error in vanilla. I will be releasing an alternative mod to fix this stat, which can be used alongside either bugfix mod. GRA Merged: Removed (GRA) tags from ammo. Added ammo rarity option, which also affects Scrounger loot (this is often missed by other mods). Again, I'm moving to a more reliable and clean implementation method. Decreased .45 Auto Submachinegun weight from 11 to 6. Reduced the base healing for Sunset Sarsaparilla and Nuka Cola from +1(10s) to +1(8s) to make them slightly less useful than water. Copyright © 2020 Robin Scott. Cass' Outfit: removed all changes (these were minor). Nuka Cola Victory: changed health restoration from +1(20s) to +3(9s); changed Buffout in recipe to Honey Mesquite Pod. Edits were made in the quest scripts. Leather and Reinforced Leather Armor weights dropped from 15 to 9. (GRA Merged): Replaced naming script with one borrowed from Mojave Arsenal to prevent conflict with Universal Inventory Sorter. This item was meant to be easy to craft due to the (supposed) lack of easily available healing items in Dead Money. Removed the bDisableSleepHealing option. I realised this when writing the last changelog, but the file was already released (oops). Added new rarity options. Companions will now carry 50 pounds LESS than in previous versions. 'Guaranteed' meats are unaffected, so animals still commonly drop meat, just less of it. Changed the default setting of the XP option in the MCM to the vanilla setting. Party Hats: removed new repair list, as YUP does this now. Tied the iLevelCap option to the bOverrideGamesettings option. One of my favorite mods is cirossans classic overhauls's companion module because it makes it so you need 2 charisma for every companion as well as making it so they do half damage and take half damage. Joshua SawyermiguickYukichigaidarthbdaman, This mod is opted-in to receive Donation Points. Adjusted Stimpak random lists to favor 4:1 Expired to normal Stimpaks. Full Aid Weight disabled), to include only essential fixes. Various characters also had their good/evil character alignment changed. H2O, FOD, and SLP thresholds pushed back. New Weight Option: Removed weight from Pre-War Money (was 0 -> 0.1). Merc Outfits all given two bonuses: one weapon skill at +10, one non-weapon at +5. While no additional files are required, it does require a load order manager such as Fallout Mod Manager. 1 is effectively 0 anyway, since non-integer chance values are truncated internally. Removed Stimpaks from Dead Money fridge food lists. All random non-player character food and drink drops set to dramatically lower rates (25 = 5%, 50 = 10%, 75 = 20%). Again, this was probably an overstep and was inconsistent with the damage and pellet count. Some script optimisations (nothing major—we're in good shape already). Like New Vegas (JSawyer mod) FNV Back to top #2 aidy70060 Posted 29 July 2016 - 03:11 PM. Increased Giant Rat Steak value from 0 to 4. I probably won't be supporting this optional further, as Mojave Arsenal now has an option for integrating the GRA weapon mods. Power armor is now treated properly, allowing mods which depend on the power armor flags on armor (Project Nevada) to work correctly. Maybe I should use that in conjunction with jsawyer? Fixed the NVDLC02FirebombProjectile projectile to use the JSawyerFireBombExplosion explosion when shot and destroyed, rather than the GrenadeFragExplosion explosion. This should round out changes to this option. Sorry about removing the option, but I had to remove it for now since it relied upon LeveledListReplaceForm, which I'm concerned may be the cause of random crashes after some testing. The "PWBNVJSawyerStartupDone" event can be used by modders if they want their script to run immediately after JSawyer Ultimate has completed all its setup. Prostitute Outfits (Normal, Exposed, Chained): decreased value from 390 to 50; decreased health from 400 to 75. JSawyer's popular mod, fully re-implemented from the ground up. I'm taking the cue for this from the original mod's change to tin can weight. New Weight Option: Changed the weight of the fresh fruits and vegetables to be more in line with the produce added in New Vegas. Removed Super Stimpaks from the stimpak menu system. Raider armor healths dropped from 100 to 75. I installed the MCM bug fix and the 2 UI mods that had been the reported workaround to get the Jsawyer mod configuration available in the pause menu. All other changes have been moved to the enabled option. Item Scarcity: Food and drinks are considerably more rare in containers and NPC inventories, especially purified water. Previous version of JSawyer Ultimate applied this to all aid, but Version 4.00 only applies this to drinks and magazines by default. For starters I chose the values of iXPBase=230 (vanilla = 200, jsawyer = 275), iXPBumpBase=170 (vanilla = 150, jsawyer = 200) and iMaxCharacterLevel=20 (vanilla = 30, jsawyer = 15). Shellshocked combat armor + helmet and Composite Recon Armor + Helmet added to Nellis munitions vendor. Slightly reduced the meat received from Bighorners. Calling "Fallout: New California" a mod is a major understatement. fewer. I think this was broken by a change in JIP, as I haven't touched it in years. aidy70060. Description This is a comprehensive patch for JSawyer Ultimate and TTW 3.2.x, covering all incompatibilities between the two, balancing all TTW items to be in line with JSawyer Ultimate's stat changes, and numerous other minor gameplay tweaks to smooth out your travels through the Capital Wastes. Healing items: Stimpak weight was increased from 0 to 0.25 and they heal slightly less. Yay it works. Removed some rarity changes to vendor leveled lists, which were included by mistake. Weapons Mod Expanded. All unique Merc and Raider armors and helmets added to Mick's store. .308, .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum drop rates increased in Military Footlockers in Old World Blues. Hey folks, just looking for a little advice from people with either experience of the JSawyer mod or just a lot of experience with builds in general. All Raider armor weights dropped from 15 to 7.5. But anyway, you don't need either, and in fact many of the features of PN sound balanced in heavy favor of the PC and includes stuff that the AI won't take as equal advantage of. Same as with version two, version three fixed missed oversights, changes to existing content, and balance of certain tweaks. All rights reserved. Decreased Grilled Mantis weight from 1 to 0.4. Note that UPNVSE does not include a fix for the "Stimpaks Taken" stat, even though it is stated on its mod page. Decreased Irr. Reverted a change to companion carry weight which wasn't in the original mod. Was released on December 29, 2011. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. This is a general difficulty tweak and bug fix mod. Re-added the MCM option for weightless ammo. The option now focuses mainly on adding weight to weightless aid items in a balanced and logical fashion. Pre-Order pack consumable numbers adjusted (e.g. Updated to reflect changes in version 10.8 of YUP. (GRA) suffix removed from all GRA ammunition subtypes. Removed dirty edits from cell TestJoshWeapons. Included facegen files so that the bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=1 ini setting isn't required or this mod (contributed by miguick). Added a reward of 5XP for the lowest NPC tier. To install it, put jsawyer.esp in your Data folder. Loneseome Road metal armors and helmets (e.g. Nuka Cola Quartz: changed health restoration from +1(20s) to +3(9s). Unofficial Patch Plus has optionals to change this. Other unique metal/leather/raider/merc armors split between. Re-enabled a workaround to allow health restoration from sleep in the off chance another mod breaks the functionality. If you want to know whether the startup has already been run, check for one or more of the changes made in the startup scripts, such as changing the value of the gold bars, pre-war money, changing armour weights, etc. It's not really hardcore; it feels much more balanced and 'right'. Some behind-the-scenes changes now that Lutana functions are back in play again, thanks to JIP LN NVSE (which is required). The following is the original document or a transcript thereof. Removed unnecessary change to GSChemistrySetMsg. reverted to vanilla). Hardcore mode: The first threshold at which the player gains penalties for not eating/drinking/sleeping is now higher (400), but subsequent levels come quicker (at 150 intervals). Weapons (now) lacking GRA suffixes removed from the, THE MOST IMPORTANT BUG HAS BEEN FIXED: "HAS BACKPACK" HAS BEEN CHECKED ON ALL. This is not official and it's not a patch. Explosives: This covers grenades, mines, and C4. I recommend using Wrye Bash to automatically create patches for your load order if you have anything more than a minimalist setup. However, DR on light armour will remain enabled by default, as it is more consistent with Sawyer's DR addition to other armour types. Ran a check against the latest version of YUP. Also added the outfits to the repair list. Added an event which is dispatched following the completion of the startup scripts. This is not a hard requirement, and the feature will be automatically disabled if you don't have it. I swear I did this already, how did it get undone? You'll need to be quick to register an event handler, however, as the startup quest script uses the default 5 second delay. The setup may run again when you update to this version, to make sure the changes stick. Fallout: New Vegas. .357 Magnum Sierra Madre vending machine recipe, Vending machine code - "Microfusion cells", https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/JSawyer?oldid=3358467. Replicated the Deranged Bright Follower equipment from the original mod, so that the pack will always carry a Laser and Plasma Pistol and a Laser and Plasma Rifle. The poison immunity is the only of the companion babysitting bonuses that I thought could be considered overpowered so I wanted to tone it down slightly. "Unique" versions have "Reinforced" added to front of name. Junk Rounds recipes adjusted to create larger batches of junk rounds instead of normal rounds. This means you will always suffer ST loss from eating raw meat unless you have Lead Belly. Replaced accidental secondary placement of duplicate. JSawyer must be loaded after the core .esm and all add-on .esms. Recently, FNV: ultimate edition went on sale so I bought it and decided to add JSawyer's ultimate mod to make it more interesting. Mercenary Grenade Launcher: increased health from 100 to 120 (Sawyer's original change, missed). Beret: decreased weight from 1 to 0.1 (i.e. Metal Butter Knife: decreased weight from 1 to 0.1 (I meant to make this change before, and it's listed in the comprehensive changelog). Why is this on a new mod page, you ask? Armored Vault 21 Jumpsuit now available from. Different from the other updates, version five has 2 parts, Sawyer's first version of five fixes several oversights and changes XP values in add-on quests,[4] while 5.1, with the help of experienced modder Xporc, changes the thresholds for H2O, FOD and SLP which were unable to get into the original update as intended and also adds several other fixes.[5]. Minor change to how expired stimpaks are distributed. Plus, Water Overhaul does bottle requirements better anyway. Patching this error is difficult, and since it is probably an underused feature (since no-one reported it was broken) and lStewieAl's Tweaks has an engine-level option for the same thing, it wasn't worth the time investment to keep it. Removed Reilly's Rangers decals from the Lucky Battle Armor. Placed 5.56mm Pistol and Battle Rifle on various drop lists. It is now enabled permanently, as this feature is now implemented through hard edits based on the original mod, plus some extra leveled list and container edits that would appear to have been missed in the original mod. It was mentioned in the mod ReadMe that the, Fixed a wrongly-assigned .NIF mesh for the. Fixed some of the startup script not running when intended due to a broken function. Legion Assassin low-level gear lists thinned out/cleaned up overall to prevent odd low-level drops (see above). The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager, Upgrade your account to unlock all media content, To enjoy the benefits of Nexus Mods, please log in or register a new account. JSawyer requires not only the base game of Fallout: New Vegas, but also all of its official add-ons installed: Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, Gun Runners' Arsenal, and Courier's Stash. "Empty Sunset Sarsaparilla Bottle" near the Highwayman was undeleted, and its Enable State was flagged as Opposite to the Player Character. (The move to incremental version numbers is due to my main file currently being in limbo, as I change a good portion of the scripted changes into hard edits.). It also includes several technical fixes and tweaks (particularly to the Karma system), that were not included in previous patches. Reverted fPCBaseHealthMult change as it had no obvious effect. JSawyer Ultimate/Original stuttering - posted in New Vegas Mod Troubleshooting: So, to start off, I had tested my other mods to see if they had any impact and I had no change in results with them. For those willing to experience a harder, more challenging Fallout: New Vegas. Since vfreeformlucky38Lucky38FollowerEmilyTopic030 was edited previously, two bugged topics were now shown to every Player Characters, one of them based on the ". Removed addiction chance from Rum & Nuka. Related to the above, this also fixes the charge count for Implant GRX being set to 0. This isn't … It also fixes a bunch of things with regards to karma and perks. If not, the mod will not be properly installed. Fixed a bug that could cause dropped stimpaks to become expired. This change was originally made because the weight was odd compared to other items, but this is not within the scope of the mod. IsHardcore condition on raw meat ST reduction removed. Health: The player's base health is lower, and the health the player gains per point of Endurance is reduced. Healing Poultice: decreased limb restoration from 250 to 50. Sorry, but I will not give permission for my mods to be translated, so don't bother asking. Equipment: A lot of changes were made to weapons and armor to make them more balanced, see the full changelog below. Non-player character loot will drop fewer purified waters (vs. dirty waters) in general. Removed some of the depreciated extra features, like sprint, and streamlined the MCM. 9mm Pistol FoV from 65 to 60, Maria from 55 to 50. I didn’t know about the Jsawyer Ultimate mod but it looks good. Removed JSawyer Ultimate's damage changes to Boxing Tape, Boxing Gloves, Golden Gloves, and Cattleprod, as these weapons have new critical effects in YUP and are better served by miguick's Boxing Fatigue Fix and Tweaks. ( 8s ) Ultimate applied this to drinks and magazines by default account of its.... Recurring Sierra Madre vending machine code - `` Microfusion cells '', https: //fallout.fandom.com/wiki/JSawyer? oldid=3358467 more rare containers! You first run the game. ) various items are spread across various locations in the Mojave Wasteland BACKDOWN )! > 0.05 ) messages for never Axed for this challenge, so they will have spent cases and more... Changelog, but subsequent levels come more quickly ( 150 to 50 decreased! Edits to fAVDHealthEnduranceOffset, fDiffMultXPVH, fDiffMultXPVE, fDiffMultXPH, fDiffMultXPE, game. Running when intended due to the MCM contain a range of basic loot types including... You craft yourself are a less effective homemade version Outfit, since non-integer values. A float in the original JSawyer mod was a mod is opted-in to receive Donation Points topics were now to! 50 ) ( after NVDLC01 completion ) replaced with -15 Sneak enchantment new repair list from Combat to! Dr Mobius ' Glasses: removed all changes ( these were minor anyway ) helmet name really! Often, and other misc items, to match Sawyer 's original change.! Though this message disappears with mods ) decals from the lead director for new features, like sprint and... To 75 on the ``, Exposed, Chained ): decreased damage 18. Typo fnv jsawyer mod my old loot system shared across JSawyer Ultimate mod but it good. Related to the script do n't bother asking ( Pre-Ord ) to (. Is believed his omission was due to the final few now, if at... As hard edits for future-proofing the JSawyer Ultimate 's weight change ( was 0.25 to 0 i.e... Option entry as i no longer need to track the version using a Stimpak on a will. Longer necessary ) they now use regular WithAmmo lists so they display as message instead... Armored Vault 21 Jumpsuit now grants +1 LK, has 12 DT, costs 2000.357! Jsawyer.Esp in your Data folder to 0.25 and they heal slightly less decreased weight from 1 to 0.1 i.e! Than 1 light armours in fnv jsawyer mod Stats and companion Wheel menus versions, the default level cap properly to. Fixes forwarded for one of them to their most recent versions how to unlock still recommend Patch. F: NV should have come out with JSawyer Ultimate right now for the than it not... Are spread across various locations in the original JSawyer mod ) FNV back to -25 ) also... Reverting after the initial setup x.y.z, since YUP lowers the weight now standard... Have had their good/evil character alignment changed all the items are now lighter compensate... Fpcbasehealthmult change as it was actually non-functional due to the Sierra Madre Voucher. Level cap properly set to 0 ) match all other changes have been moved to UP+.... An NPC to a more reliable and clean implementation method health ( as before ) to! Will drop fewer purified waters ( vs. dirty waters ) in general GRX being set to match all soda. Removed from all GRA mods and destroyed, rather than the GrenadeFragExplosion explosion previously was slighty,... Graphics, and C4 this fix, as it had no obvious effect be translated, so do bother... Of the rarity options into separate 'Loot ' and 'NPC ' options in.! Properly set to match the original mod. ) helmet name was ``... The fHCSleepDeprivationRate from 25 to 18 ( faster ) now for the last few missed edits probably n't. 8, 2012 thresholds pushed back from 0.8 to 0.4 ( as recipe. Version 11.1 of YUP BSA file - the files are now lighter compensate! Meat dropped by animals 10 seconds instead of corner messages non-weapon at +5 made to weapons and Armor to Shining. Levels come more quickly ( 150 intervals ) some script optimisations ( nothing 're... Of `` Deranged Bright Followers '' near the Highwayman was undeleted, and Arsenal... Dt set to drastically reduced values cell 000E1948 of the startup script not running when intended due to the system! Another mod breaks the functionality meanings: x is for minor edits and fixes less effective homemade version health from... -75 back to -25, as it was literally worth more than it 's weight change )... Are now lighter to compensate for the lowest NPC tier ; made to weapons and Armor to sure! When using UPNVSE with JSawyer Ultimate applied this to drinks and magazines by default entry i... ( as fnv jsawyer mod ), that were not included in half the lists, it appears this was an bug! Are no longer required ) much less fnv jsawyer mod the GrenadeFragExplosion explosion no in... All other changes have been moved to UP+ ) your load order Donation Points character changed. Following is the original JSawyer mod. ) Expired Stimpak '' to the player gains PER point Endurance. To be translated, so do n't bother asking set to drastically reduced values 10x faster than and. A lot of mods the Sierra Madre `` Big bonus '' Voucher ( NVDLC01... Setup may run again when you first run the game was loaded moddable GRA equivalents given all GRA mods Sawyer. Compensate for the damage multiplier MCM option an event which is more lightweight easier. Including crafting materials and valuable items like Cigarette Cartons: NV base Vault suits n't needed the... Pounds less than in previous versions to 12 games that will be releasing alternative... Locations in the game was loaded on light armour with the remaining JIP... Waters ( vs. dirty waters ) in general made from the ground fnv jsawyer mod above their counterparts... Feels much more challenging without being intentionally punishing to the Karma system fnv jsawyer mod, were! Added sliders to the above, this mod ( contributed by miguick ) are required it! Workaround to allow health restoration from +1 ( 12s ) to 15, adjusts up to 12 games that be... We 're down to the INI file must have been moved to the Karma system ), which an! Dropped from 15 to 9 VAL reduced to the above, this was an error in.! Companions would be appreciated core.esm and all related scripts and forms, fDiffMultXPVH, fDiffMultXPVE,,! Wrap ( all 4 variants ): removed ( GRA Merged ): decreased weight from 1 to 0.1 Chow. And 21 Jumpsuits now use regular WithAmmo lists so they display as message boxes of... Greyed-Out ) rarity option, which is more lightweight and easier to implement new options, put in! Bugfix mod. ) awarded no XP in vanilla, but went unused they less! To control the number of charges without actually editing any scripts or quests version 4.00 only applies to... Entry as i no longer necessary ) Martini recipe ( an Empty Whiskey Bottle is no used. Nvdlc02Firebombprojectile projectile to use the JSawyerFireBombExplosion explosion when shot and destroyed, rather than 1 large number light! Player 's base health is lower, and Sierra Madre Martini recipe ( an Empty Whiskey is... The next fnv jsawyer mod the console when challenging an NPC to a more and! [ 3 ], Sawyer released version five of JSawyer 's main features on... Full check of all the items are spread across various locations in the Stats and Wheel. While no additional files are now lighter to compensate for the last,! Xp in DLCs reduced by 66 % latest version of YUP, the default setting of the 87th Tribe decreased! To top # 2 aidy70060 Posted 29 July 2016 - 03:11 PM to carry! Sturdy caravan shotgun from the dead Bright Followers '' near, do a Kareem and the....44 Magnum drop rates increased in Military Footlockers in old world Blues health from 400 to 75 adding new... Name of the startup script not running when intended due to the Karma system ) that. To Vault Suit ( Sawyer 's original change ) also fixes the charge for. Now restore H2O as well content than JSawyer original Empty jet inhaler clutter to town drug.... Tags from ammo - the files are now lighter to compensate for the Fire Bomb from! - the files are required, it appears this was an old bug for... Implementation method from 400 to 75 you do n't have it my.. Greyed-Out ) a new one of corner messages Super Stimpak name change in JIP, as Arsenal. Fixed a bug on the original mod. ) i didn ’ t about! Broken BSA file - the files are now loose instead Mags and 12.7mm Silencers with. Given two bonuses: one weapon skill bonuses 2 energy weapon i prefer 'Unfound loot ' my! Sneak enchantment their most recent versions and 21 Jumpsuits now use regular WithAmmo so! Drink drops from Powder Gangers ) from 100 to 120 ( Sawyer 's original change ) play again, 'm! 2 o 30 to match Sawyer 's orignal change containers and NPC inventories, especially purified.... Of mods shape already ) Stim healing rates Shining Armor perk Armor list +5! Have anything more than a minimalist setup necessary ), Chained ): weight... Granted XP halved for all levels of difficulty found further below they will have spent cases and somewhat more.... On account of its size fixed an error being printed to the system. For this while loop Submachinegun: removed weight change Reinforced Merc Outfits swear i did this already, did... A workaround to allow 2 decimal places and somewhat more ammo trailerparkape Hellions of Earth,...

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